So how does a project that see’s you travelling throughout the world photographing horses get dreamed up? Well it’s not unknown for a slightly mad idea such as this to be hatched up over a drink or two, however for once there was no alcohol influencing this plan and it was fuelled purely by my passion for travel and horses.

I have always been passionate about using the landscape of Scotland as a backdrop for my dog and equine photography. So many people have remarked at how much they love the fact that my images capture the true character of the subject set in the stunning landscape that surrounds us.  The idea of capturing the native breeds of the UK in their home territory, using the landscape to tell part of the breeds story was the starting point for this project.  I knew that if I was able capture them on the hillsides where they first originated from, that the images would be more meaningful, more emotive.

As the concept and plans developed, talk turned to the other amazing breeds and countries around the world and how fabulous this could be as a world breeds project. I needed no convincing just how amazing this could be and the idea of travelling the world doing something I love was equally as appealing. I decided to dream big!

I am certainly not expecting this to be an overnight project, with hundreds of breeds to capture from the rugged Scottish Highlands to the vast open plains of North America and beyond. There are also some breeds which might prove impossible to capture due to the changing political situations across the world, so I am starting the project very realistic about the challenges in front of me. However it is a hugely exciting project and most certainly the project of a lifetime!

Plans began being formulated, contacts for different breeds approached and content plans created in early 2018. But the biggest question of all was always going to be, what should the project be called? It had to encapsulate the native country, the home and origin of the breed, the passion behind each breed… and so “Homelands” was born!

I would love it if you want to follow me on the Homelands journey, a journey of discovery and beauty. One things for sure, it will be filled with lots of laughter and stunning horses! You can sign up to keep up to date with all the latest project news and blogs HERE.

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